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About The Premier Concrete Specialists of Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Concrete Service has some of the greatest concrete specialists in Western Michigan, an amazing team of craftsmen who can take on any size project and knock it out of the park. We take care of our customers and we just love what we do.

The owner’s uncle began the concrete company back in the early 80’s and taught him everything he knew about pouring, cutting, installation, repairs, and removals. From a young age, he spent hours helping with concrete repairs in Grand Rapids, so it’s no wonder he and his team are so capable today. They are on a mission to build the best concrete service in this area of the country.

The great community of Grand Rapids is our home and we’ve been building our foundation here every since we started. You can say the roots are pretty deep at this point, and we’ve got a laundry list of satisfied customers who we’ve been lucky to be able to help out over the past few decades. We love being the go-to concrete contractors and it’s such a great feeling to be outdoors when you’re fixing someone’s property, installing some fresh concrete, ripping up old crumbling steps, and so much more. Years and years of this work has given us a great appreciation for the little things in life. Our job as concrete professionals is to restore your home or building’s beauty to its fullest potential. Whether that’s a perfect driveway, a winding walkway, or a non-sip pool deck for the backyard oasis you’re building, we can’t wait to help you out with it.

Everything we do is concrete related, so give us a shout any day of the week and wed be happy to stop by and give you a quote at your convenience. Whatever you’re looking to build or fix, we got it.