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Concrete Pool Deck Installation in Grand Rapids

Concrete pool deck installation is something that our team of specialists specializes in. Once you’ve decided to get a new pool deck installed, you’ll need to decide what size, shape, and style you want it to be.  The options are many so we offer a free consultation to help you make those important choices.  If you have an existing pool deck that needs a little (or a lot) of TLC, don’t despair and certainly don’t assume you’ll need a whole new deck.  Grand Rapids Concrete Services makes older decks look even better than they did before. Call now for a free quote at (616) 229-3386.

  • Durability: They are practically weather-resistant – holding up well in extremely hot climates and in freezing cold weather too.  Concrete is also water-resistant which makes it an excellent choice for a deck area that will frequently be exposed to pool water. 
  • Ease in Upkeep: These types of decks require little to no maintenance.  If an area of the deck cracks or chips, it can be patched quickly and inexpensively.
  • Affordability:  Concrete pool decks are among the most affordable types, both for initial installation and resurfacing.
  • Repair:  If the concrete on your pool deck is chipped, cracked, or chunked, we are able to repair the surface in a short time for minimal expense.  
  • Resealing:  Every two to three years, the pool deck can be resealed to extend its life even further.
  • Resurfacing:  When a pool deck does reach the point that it needs extensive repairs, it can be resurfaced and brought back to a condition that is like new.

Stamping, staining, and hand-cut designs are among the multitude of options you’ll have when installing your new deck.  With a little imagination and the expert skills of our concrete craftsmen, you’ll be able to achieve any look and feel you’d like. 

We are pros at continuing the mood and theme you already have in place or helping to create a new one. You’ll have other options too. To make the concrete less slippery, you can improve the surface traction by having an exposed aggregate or broomed finish put on it.  You can also put a clear plastic grit into the sealer prior to application or opt for a textured overlay. Since pool decks are generally enjoyed during the hot summertime, you may want to consider a topping that reflects the sun’s heat so its comfortable to walk across. At Grand Rapids Concrete, we are all about solutions.

We make installing a new pool deck or resurfacing your existing one a breeze.  We are available for a free consultation and are glad to answer any questions you have and to address any concerns.  We believe doing business with us should be a pleasure and we’ll do everything within our power to make sure it is. Give us a call today and let’s get your pool deck started.