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Retaining Wall Installation in Grand Rapids

From protecting your home and property from erosion or flooding to creating a picture-perfect landscape aesthetics, retaining wall installation serves a myriad of purposes for a multitude of projects.  But who says retainer walls can’t be both beautiful and functional?  Our concrete specialists sure don’t! Retaining walls are used in areas you want to contain or retain water or soil.  They can also be used strictly for looks.  

Retaining walls are used for a multitude of purposes including:

  • As a water barrier for oceanfront and lakefront properties
  • To keep soil from eroding on properties
  • For attractive landscaping
  • To prevent flooding on properties
  • To partition different sections on properties such as gardens, patios, and walkways
  • Traditional Cast in Place Walls
  • Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls
  • Ground-Anchored Walls
  • Soil-Nailed Walls
  • Precast Anchored Panel Walls

Concrete is one of the most flexible choices in retaining walls because it is strong and durable.  It’s an excellent choice because it’s a very hard, non-porous surface.  Although it contains water when it’s being mixed, it is not significantly affected by water once it dries.  It holds up well to extreme weather conditions like snow, sun, and rain and is even resistant to heat-thaw cycles.  It withstands wear and tear over time too – often lasting a century or more.  Another huge plus is that concrete walls are safe.  They are not flammable like wood retaining walls are – definitely something to consider for walls that are near the home or in fire-hazard locations such as California, Washington, and Southwest Colorado.  They’re also non-toxic and are free of off-gas allergens and dangerous chemicals and are largely comprised of natural materials so they’re earth-friendly. Talk about easy maintenance! This type of wall is super simple to clean and care for.  A gentle scrubbing with soap and water usually does the trick.  For a deeper clean, an occasional power washing works wonders. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more affordable material. 

Talk to Michigan's Premier Retaining Wall Builders

Our selections are far from boring.  We have tons of shapes, sizes, and textures to choose from so you can achieve most any look and feel you wish to create.  From sleek modern to earthy and natural and all points in between, with the myriad of styles available through stamping, staining, and hand-fashioning techniques, today’s options are a far cry from your grandma’s retaining walls. Successfully constructing cement retainer walls requires the skill of a seasoned craftsman who is able to secure the structure properly and smooth out the rough edges to make the project a work of art.  It is also imperative that quality cement and other materials be used in the making of the wall.  When you want your structured wall to look amazing, function properly, and to withstand the test of time, turn to the experts at Grand Rapids Concrete.  Our company will always do a rock solid job for you at a rock- bottom price.