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Walkway Installation in Grand Rapids

Our local concrete pros do walkway installation in Grand Rapids, MI.  It’s nice to have a smooth, safe surface to walk on when you’re going out to the car or are heading to the pool or garden area.  Walkways add a luxurious look to your home and add value to it as well. Just imagine a walkway that meanders through your property that gives you the ability to beautifully navigate from one favorite spot to another.  Pristine and practical, walkways offer the picture perfect way to enjoy the outdoor area of your home that might otherwise be ignored because no one wants to trek through a jungle of obstacles.  And, if you have a well-maintained yard with nice grass, you sure don’t want people trotting over it.  If you already have an existing walkway that is cracking and falling apart, not only does it look hideous, it can be very dangerous.  Furthermore, it decreases your property value, so contact our concrete installation & repair experts now.

An affordable option to tearing out and rebuilding your existing walkway is to repair it if the damage is extra light or to resurface it if it is in need of extensive repair. Resurfacing a walkway involves a process that causes the old surface to become one with the new surface so it looks, feels, and function as brand new.  Not every old walkway is able to be successfully resurfaced.  We offer free on-site consultations.

We will access your old sidewalk and are happy to share our professional recommendation. Concrete has a ton of benefits when it comes to being the material of choice for new walkway installation or resurfacing and existing one.  When high-quality materials are used in the mix and the job is completed by an expert, concrete walkways can last up to 30 years, even though they are constantly beat up by the sun, rain, snow, and wind.  Concrete is super simple to clean – a little soap and water and an occasional power-wash keeps the surface gorgeous.  There’s not much maintenance required either.  It looks amazing and is quite affordable too.

What does your dream walkway look like?  Do you like the thought of a raw, natural stone winding through your property?  Maybe you prefer a modern design or a vintage appeal.

Whatever look it that suits your fancy, chances are, it is available in concrete. Stamping, staining, and hand-cut designing provide you the freedom to choose the exact specifics you want your walkway to have.  By implementing the new level of technology in concrete, the sky is the limit for the looks you can achieve.  Concrete is very economical so you’ll literally save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars that you would spend having stone, brick, rock, or pavers laid.  For a fraction of the cost, you can opt for the same look that professional craftsmen can achieve in concrete. We take great pride is working with our customers every step of the way, from planning to completion.  If you can dream it, we can build it.  Reach out today and let’s get started on your wonderful new walkway.